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4 Steps to Rainy Day Wedding Success

4.  Ask your photographer and videographer in the consultation for examples of rainy day weddings.

Just like venues, it's ideal to select a photographer and videographer with experience with less than ideal weather situations. Capturing all of the moments of your wedding day beautifully is already a fast paced process. Mix in a new photographer (especially without a qualified second shooter) and a chance of rain, and stress cracks can show quickly. 

When examining a photographers or videographers portfolio ask for examples of indoor and rainy day photography. Do they know how to position couples indoors to take advance of outdoor light shining in? Do they have a great handle on flash or off camera lighting if it becomes necessary? 

It's best not to just look at outdoor natural lighting examples when selecting your vendors. Ask (nicely of course), for examples of situations where the lighting and location was less than ideal. A great photographer or videographer can literally make any situation work.


3.  Have a backup plan for your indoor reception layout.

Some venues are truly "pros" at flipping a space from an indoor ceremony to an indoor reception and offer a "pre-function" space for guests to mingle in a separate room during the flip in case of bad weather.

Other venues can be "winging it", understaffed to flip the space, or leave the couple and their family responsible for moving the tables and chairs from indoor ceremony to reception space. Mind you, doing so is no small job, and is very noticeable to your guests. This stress can be compounded when you are also forced to take indoor pictures following the ceremony. 

We  will work with you to determine a set up that will accomodate an indoor ceremony with guests seated at tables so that the ceremony space doesn't need to be flipped. this is much easier on you and your guests! Hopefully the weather cooperates and you have a beautiful outdoor ceremony, but if not, you'll know the transition from ceremony to reception will be relatively seamless. 


2. Don't be afraid to get a little wet.

Bring an extra pair of shoes (especially if yours are designer) and get outside as soon as there is a break in the rain! Lucky, even on rainy days Mother Nature usually takes a break for a bit. 

Check with your photographer, or videographer, to see if they have any pretty umbrellas you can use. If not, we think these are a pretty great option available on Amazon.


1. Don't worry about what you can't control. 

In the end, there are things in the wedding planning process that you can't control - and weather is definitely one of them.

Make informed choices in the planning process about "what happens in case of rain" - and then don't worry about what you can't control on your wedding day. Just relax and make the most of one of the most memorable days of your lives. At the end of the day you'll be married and that's what's important.

So what is The James Inclement Weather Plan?

There's a forecasted Storm on the day of your wedding. What to do?

In addition to the 4 steps above we have you covered in the case of inclement weather.

Tornado/Severe Storm/High Winds​

We're not in Kansas anymore friends... oh wait, we never were.  Missouri is also notorious for tornadoes, unexpected storms and high winds.  

We have a storm shelter located at the FEMA building in the Local High School.  This is the safest shelter.  If there is not enough time to evacuate based on guest count we will take shelter in The Gathering Room connected to the venue.


Snow on your wedding day is a blessing!!! You get gorgeous pictures and magic is in the air.

We do salt all the patios throughout the day but being surrounded by city streets we rely on the city to clear roads of snow or ice. Make sure you account for road conditions along travel routes as this could effect your guest count.

Extreme Temperatures

Too hot or too cold, both can be problematic.

We know how far couples can push the envelope if it means they can still have their ceremony outside and although we want to help make their dream wedding a reality, we also have a pretty big priority to their guests safe too.

With temperatures above 95 degrees and below 32 degrees Fahrenheit  we have to draw the line. 



Our outdoor ceremony area is an open air building with walls tall enough to shield the sun.  

If you are holding your ceremony in high temps below 95 degrees make sure your guests have water or drinks available  and have access to the air conditioning prior to your ceremony so that they spend as little time outside as possible for and are well hydrated.


We recommend moving things indoors if temps are below 50 degrees but we won't make that call for you until the temperature drops to 32 degrees.

If you decide to have your ceremony outside in cooler temperatures LET YOUR GUESTS KNOW TO DRESS FOR THE WEATHER.  It's nice to offer guests shawls or blankets (this is a favor idea if it is cost effective) and have a warm drink available.  Please offer guests access to the indoor venue until right before the ceremony and immediately after.  

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