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Venue Layouts

Take a look at some of our most commonly used Venue Layouts below:

Items and Measurements

Notes on Venue Layouts:

  • Each straight table will have 8 chairs placed for guest seats. If you double the tables up there will be room for 14 guest seats.

  • Round tables accommodate 8 chairs for guests.

  • Inclement Weather:

    • In the case of inclement weather, you might have to transition to an INDOOR CEREMONY. Please plan your reception layout based on an what your needs will be for an indoor ceremony. Leave room for an aisle from the staircase to the opposite wall. Make sure there is plenty of space to move your head table arrangement into place after the ceremony.

  • Head Table Arrangement: 

    • Typical Head table arrangements are either a sweetheart table for just the two of you, traditional head table with bridal party on each side of the couple, or family style where the family sits with the couple.

    • The 8' Metal/wood farm table is a popular choice for a sweetheart head table but you can downsize to a regular 6 foot straight table for a cozier feel that leaves plenty of space for decorations and your dinner/drinks. You can also bring your own furniture to use how you like.



Items List and Measurements


  • Below is a list of the items included with your day rental.  We recommend you attend our monthly Open House to see and work with the items in person.

    • Tables:

      • 8 - 60" Round Tables

      • 28 - 6' Straight tables

      • 1 - 8' Metal/Wood Table 

      • 2 - 2'x5' straight "skinny" tables

      • 1 - Distressed Grey Entry Dresser

      • 1 - Distressed Grey Desk

      • 2 - Cocktail Tables on Wheels

    • Arbors:

      • 1  Natural Wood Triangle Arbor

      • 1  Dark Hexagon Arbor

      • 1  Dark Double Triangle Arbor

      • 1 Set of Natural Wood Ladder Arbor

      • 1 Black iron Arbor

    • Sound System- 1 portable speaker and 1 microphone with stand. 

      • Aux cord included. Outdoor power available in the Garden area.

    • Seating:

      • 150 White Folding Chairs

      • 10 rows of outdoor benches with up to 150 guest seating capacity.

  • Distance from the Garden double doors to ceremony site is approximately 30 feet.

  • Distance from the staircase to the ceremony site is approximately 40 feet.

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